Maple Avenue Elementary School
Ms. Tuttle's Art Class

Grade 3 MES

Grade 3: Inspired by Kandinsky: Wassily Kandinsky was an artist who really enjoyed working with color. He is well known for his paintings of colorful circles. We created our own work, inspired by the work of Kandinsky, but we were challenged to use a variety of media: crayons, colored pencils, markers, and oil pastels. Can you tell which material is which by looking at our artwork?

Maple Gr 5 Selfie

Grade 5: Selfie Portraits: Did you know that the first selfie (not including paintings) was taken in 1839 by Robert Cornelius? Fifth graders learned about the history of the selfie and then created their own. They had to think about the background in their pictures, can you tell where they like to be? While it wasn’t a real phone, everyone still worked hard to create the best selfie!

For more information on Ms. Tuttle's Art Class at Maple Avenue Elementary School, please click here to visit her website.

Disnard Elementary School
Ms. Leonbruno's Art Class


Ripped Paper Owls- Students in Kindergarten worked on their fine motor skills by ripping paper. Students were inspired by the book "Little Owls Night" by Divya Srinivasan when creating their whimsical image of an owl. 


Warm/Cool leaves- Students in 4th grade demonstrated their knowledge of warm and cool colors to create their own composition of fall leaves. 

For more information on Ms. Leonbruno's Art Class at Disnard Elementary School, please click here to visit her website.
Claremont Middle School
Ms. Skalski's Art Class


cms painting

CMS painting

The C.M.S. Art Program has sequential lessons that revolve around the elements and principles of design. In each grade level, I stress different skills to prepare them for future art class and to learn new techniques to use in their own art.  In the sixth grade, we concentrate on the elements of color, texture, and space; and they paint landscapes. In the seventh grade, we concentrate on the elements of space and line, and they make a perspective booklet out of their drawings. In the eighth grade, we concentrate on the elements of value, shape, and texture; and they create a pencil drawing starting out with the grid method followed up with using shading techniques. I use my C.M.S. website to provide examples of other students' art work, rubrics, and resources for their projects. 

For more information on Ms. Skalski's Art Class at CMS, please click here to visit her website.