In compliance with AHERA, the Claremont School District is required to notify parents, teachers, and all other building occupants that an Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) is available to them in either the office of each school or in the SAU office. The AMP details the location of asbestos in each building and provides a record of inspections, re-inspections, periodic surveillance, and removal of asbestos.
Periodic surveillance of Asbestos Containing Material (ACBM) is conducted by district personal every six months and a thorough re-inspection of ACBM is conducted once every three years by the district’s environmental consultant. The most recent inspection was conducted in July 2019.
If you require more detailed information, please call the SAU office at (603) 543-4200 and staff will direct your inquiry to the district’s designated person for asbestos information.

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