Our Mission
Technology Services exists to enable innovative creativity within all students and educators. Technology Services is student focused and customer oriented to ensure that all users of technology are adequately equipped, fully supported, and thoroughly trained to actively participate in the technological vision for the entire SAU#6 learning community. Technology Services expands access to academically viable products and services to ensure students and educators are enriched to confidently lead others in a diverse and technologically focused world.


  • Technology Planning, Budgeting, and Purchasing

  • Inventory and Configuration Management

  •  Installation and Decommissioning

  • User Support Help Desk

  • Systems Analysis & Quality Improvement

  • Network and Database Administration

    • WAN, LAN, WLAN management

    • Network planning

    • Security Planning & Management

    • Enterprise-wide systems (Email, Calendar, Accounting, PowerSchool, Library, etc.) 

      • Data Warehouse Management

      • Data Processing, Analysis, and Reporting

      • Website Management

      • Other Software Tools

    • PowerSchool: Student Information System Support

      • Attendance Support 

      • Grading and Report Card Support 

      • Schedule Creation and Support

      • State Reporting Support

    • Technology Integration in the Classroom

      • Google Platform Management 

      • Classroom websites

      • Student E-Portfolios

      • Interactive whiteboards

    • Software and computing tools 

    • Professional Development and User Training

    • Online Standardized Testing Support

    • Technology Policy & Procedures